Advantages of using cPanel

What is a Cpanel? The cPanel is the most used by many hosting businesses when it comes to maintaining their client’s website. It’s an interface that makes it easy for customers to navigate and manage their websites. The users can now run their maintenance and customise their website easily.  Cpanel is not only beneficial for users but also for the hosting providers too. Let’s take a look at more of their advantages below.

Email uses and interface

Instead of signing up an email with another company, cPanel allows the user to create their email address followed by their domain name. This is beneficial for many businesses as they get to add their domain name to their email address. Cpanel also supports different types of mail protocols with or without encryptions.

Another advantage is that cPanel allows a user to choose from 3 different webmail interface. Their interface includes Horde, Roundcube and SquirrelMail. The webmails are readily available as long as you have an internet connection. The interfaces also offer features for organising mails, email forwarding and reducing spams.

Features and information

cPanel offers a broad range of features that are beneficial for your websites. For instance, cPanel contains a backup Wizard that makes backing up a data an easy job.  Another feature is that they have a built-in virus protection that helps for securing your websites.

Cpanel has installed apps for obtaining relevant information that can help your search engine optimisation. It can provide you data that contains your number of visitors, FTP data and so much more. It also provides an application called ‘Getting Started Wizard’ that provides tutorials or step by step guide for all user levels.

Continuous improvements

cPanel knows the importance of improving their service. They are continuously revising, increasing and upgrading the interface for easier functionality. They also constantly update the interface with more features useful tools for everyone.

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