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Advantages of using cPanel

What is a Cpanel? The cPanel is the most used by many hosting businesses when it comes to maintaining their client’s website. It’s an interface that makes it easy for customers to navigate and manage their websites. The users can now run their maintenance and customise their website easily.  Cpanel is not only beneficial for users but also for the hosting providers too. Let’s take a look at more of their advantages below.

Email uses and interface

Instead of signing up an email with another company, cPanel allows the user to create their email address followed by their domain name. This is beneficial for many businesses as they get to add their domain name to their email address. Cpanel also supports different types of mail protocols with or without encryptions.

Another advantage is that cPanel allows a user to choose from 3 different webmail interface. Their interface includes Horde, Roundcube and SquirrelMail. The webmails are readily available as long as you have an internet connection. The interfaces also offer features for organising mails, email forwarding and reducing spams.

Features and information

cPanel offers a broad range of features that are beneficial for your websites. For instance, cPanel contains a backup Wizard that makes backing up a data an easy job.  Another feature is that they have a built-in virus protection that helps for securing your websites.

Cpanel has installed apps for obtaining relevant information that can help your search engine optimisation. It can provide you data that contains your number of visitors, FTP data and so much more. It also provides an application called ‘Getting Started Wizard’ that provides tutorials or step by step guide for all user levels.

Continuous improvements

cPanel knows the importance of improving their service. They are continuously revising, increasing and upgrading the interface for easier functionality. They also constantly update the interface with more features useful tools for everyone.

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The World’s largest data centres

We all know that data centres are a valuable asset for many businesses. Especially for those who provides cloud or online services. They are most used by large businesses for storing valuable information and running the operational initiatives of the organisation. The demand for online services keeps increasing, and so are the data centres. You would be surprised at how massive the data centres are now today. Let’s take a look at them below.

The Tokyo Data Center

The Tokyo Data Center is the main base of Japan’s internet so that you could imagine the size of this building. The entrance is astonishing and spacious.

Google Data Center

Google is probably one of the largest company in the whole world. They are currently on top when it comes to web search and other areas of the online world. Their data centre was awarded as the most portable data centre in 2008. Their centre features a ‘container hanger’ that contains 45 containers and can hold up to 1000+ servers each.

Microsoft Washington Date Center ‘The Quincy’

Microsoft’s data centre was named ‘The Quincy’, and it is located in the agricultural region of Washington. When you visit the area, it may look like a big farmland, but as you go further in the middle, you will find the that many data centres are located within. Next to the Quincy, you will see some other data centres from large enterprises including Yahoo and Intuit.

Facebook Data Center

Facebook is currently the top leader in social media. As their company is registered with billions of users, they heavily rely on their data centres for this reason. Like other data centres, their buildings are very techy looking. They currently have a number of data centres all around the world including in Sweden, Iowa, North Carolina and they are still looking to build more globally.

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Free hosting – What you need to know


Many companies provide a free hosting package that you can use for your website. The problem is deciding which company is best to get started. Finding the right company is crucial as they will be the one to take care of your website. So it’s important to find a company that’s reliable

How and where to look for a free hosting

By searching the keyword ‘free hosting’ on a search engine, a list of companies will show up. However, if you are not happy with your search results, you can always look at popular forums to help you decide. For instance, you may want to consider a forum post about choosing the best free hosting package. You can even ask experienced web designers for some tips and advice on any necessary information. 

Free host with ads on 

First, you must know that free hosts are there to make money. That is why most free host will have ads on your website. Usually, you can’t remove the ads if the host is free.  It’s worth looking around and see what kind of ads they are likely to add. You wouldn’t want some random ad that doesn’t relate to your business.

Data available

The amount of data available for a free package is often limited. So storing large files can be a problem unless you can find free places that host those type of files. For example, if you solely focus on video it is ideal to narrow down your search for video hosting sites.

Reliability and Downtime

Due to being a free service, this means they are most likely to be unreliable. When looking up what’s available, be sure to check the downtime as this will affect traffic in your website. 

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The Pros and Cons of using a Free Hosting


Many of the web hosting company nowadays offers a free hosting service as a start-up for users. Most of them provide a free hosting to help you make money. Once your website is making money, then you are more likely to upgrade a plan with them in the future. Knowing the pros and cons of a free hosting will help you decide whether it is something you need.


This type of hosting is popular since it is free to use. Most users are cautious to whether or not they will make money from their website. So most people wouldn’t want to pay for anything just yet. By using the free host, it is a great start to test how far their business can go.

A free hosting company will provide you with experience on how to start a website for your business. Many of them already provide a guide or tutorial to help you set up and start earning money online.


One of the downsides is you have no full control of your website. For instance, the layout of your site is limited. You can only customise the design on a very basic level. The fact that you do not entirely own the design means your website isn’t transferable, meaning it is harder for you to switch to a different company.

Free hosted sites are unreliable at times especially when the website is down. The downtime means the site won’t be making any money when it is not running.

Bottom line

The pros and cons should help you make a decision whether a free hosting is something that might be useful to you. Overall, a free hosting is a good way to start learning the environment around internet marketing. However, if you’re business is on the way to expanding, you might be better off with a more reliable hosting company.

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How To Create Email Accounts in cPanel

One of the great benefits of controlling your own web hosting is that you can create email accounts that correspond with your domain name. This is a huge advantage if you want to appear more professional, in comparison to giving out an email address that ends in “” or “”, making it obvious that you are only using a generic, free email client. It also means you have full control over the configuration of your inbox and how your email system works. You can also create email logins and assign them to other people, while retaining administrative control.

email box configuration

Depending on your hosting provider and your choice of package, it’s common to be given cPanel by default as your hosting control panel, along with the capacity to create a certain number of email accounts. This may be unlimited if you are on a decent paid package. cPanel is a great platform for controlling your hosting settings, and creating email accounts is just one of the things made easier with cPanel’s controls. You can follow these steps to create new accounts:

1) Log into your cPanel through the usual means. This may vary depending on whether you have shared hosting or a dedicated server. If the place you log in has changed or you can’t access it, contact your web hosting provider and they will be able to provide you with a link for logging into your control panel.

2) Go to the Email section and click on Accounts.

3) Check your Mailbox Quota to confirm that you have not reached your limit. Remember that email accounts will consume part of your total allocated disk space.

4) Click on the Create Account button.

5) Complete the required fields as instructed, and once you have entered all the necessary data, click Create Account at the end of the form.

After completing these steps, check your new accounts works by choosing one of the available email clients on cPanel, or setting up your own elsewhere. cPanel can usually guide you through the setup of an external client. You can do that by following these steps:

6) Go to your Webmail, which will be located at a link which looks like this (where “example” is replaced with your actual domain):

7) Log in to the new account that you want to set up.

8) Click on Configure Mail Client.

9) Find the client you wish to use, and access the Protocols.

10) Follow the instructions given or open any files you are given access to. Here you will find the settings you need to set up that particular client and connect it to your email address.

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When is the Right Time to Migrate From Free to Paid Hosting?

You have finally successfully settled your web site on a free hosting server and do not know when the best time to migrate to a paid one is?

Here are some tips how to know when the right time has come.

You have build up a blog or an online store hosted by a free hosting server. These sites have been visible on the www for a long time which has helped you gain a lot of customers who have improved your web site traffic. Even though you have the web site on a free hosting server which might make clients question the reliability and validity of the site you have successfully proven them wrong. Now it is time to take the next step. As news and positive feedback travel fast by word of mouth or especially online you must be prepared for an even higher site traffic. That is the first sign you have to migrate to a paid hosting. You would not like to damage the reputation you have worked so hard to build.


Why migrate to paid hosting?

1. You would need an uptime guarantee. It would be more impressive to see your website responding faster instead of waiting for some time to have the site loaded. People are used to having all the online searches completed quickly so offering them this option is a winning combination. If having an online store it is crucial to allow the customer to make the purchase as quick as possible without any errors or suspicious downtimes.

2. If the website is meant to generate an outcome (ex. Online store) the web site has to have a secure server access. That means the server has to enable secure online credit card processing. You would not like to have clients making a purchase/payment that would be completed yet the customer would not be assured it was successful. You can be named a fraud and be forced to close your business.

3. You can finally increase your product database and amount. That means you would need more storage. Migrating to paid hosting gives you the choice to choose a perfect package with needed storage that would not lead to data overload of the web site.2998640

4. Getting a paid hosting will help you improve the SEO ability. You will receive an access to plug-ins for SEO purposes that will improve your ranking on the search engines.

5. Transferring your web site to a paid hosting will help you control all the ads displayed on your web site. I believe it is not fun having a fashion blog with mechanic jobs advertisements displayed in the left sidebar.

Migrate to paid hosting as to have all the happenings with your website under control.

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Free or Paid Web Hosting?

Your web site is nearly finished and you have to purchase the hosting as to get your business going?

Before making the decision on the hosting provider there are several factors to be taken in consideration. Firstly, the choice of the hosting provider depends on the size of your business: are you a small business owner or a startup and budding entrepreneur, is it an informative web site you have created or is it going to be a platform for sales?

The differences between free and paid hosting


Cloud computing concept: computer keyboard with Cloud icon on enter button background, 3d render

The most important difference between the paid and free hosting is that the first one provides a domain address that has their company’s name included in the URL. If you are planning on building a serious business you should go for the paid hosting that would offer you personalized unique domain name. Users of the www never tend to trust free hosting domains which will influence your web site traffic.


Paid hosting usually offers 99 % uptime unlike the free hosting. Lots of downtimes will cost you the professional appearance of your business since customers want fast response time and support.

Search engine ratings

In this 21st century high search engine rakings is what make your business more visible thus more successful. Nowadays it is a commonly spread idea that the free hosting domains are used by spammers to create dummy sited. Unfortunately, that is a fact which is why customers or clients tend to be extremely precautions with free hosting domains since they have very low search engine ratings.

Bandwidth and Storage

Purchasing a paid hosting domain gives you the opportunity to choose a bandwidth and storage package that would suit you best. Free hosting always have limited bandwidth and storage that would make it quite inconvenient for you to upload all the data, pictures, videos or maps that you need on your site. Those hosting companies also tend to restrict the users once the limit is reached which may influence your financial turnover since you would need time to re/alter the web site for its functionality and accessibility.


Glitches do happen like it or not. Paid hosting offer you 24/7 technical support wither via e/mail, live chat or phone meaning any crisis may be solved as soonest as possible. Unfortunately, the free hosting services do not always provide immediate help and support which may be fatal for

your business if for example your site is down for couple of hours or even days. That means unsatisfied customers and negative feedback that would lead to even lower rankings.

Most important, free web hosting will be free forever.


The free hosting serviced mostly is provided as lifetime free which is huge benefit if you think to run simple costless website.

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Why Pay For The Hosting Server When You Can Get If For Free?

No matter if you are veteran or a newbie website owner in order to have a successful business presented on the www, the best choice is purchasing a paid hosting service. Even if your starting capital is not that high, always be ready to pay more at the beginning to make sure it doubles or triples in the long run. That is the only way to survive in the business world for a long time.

The most important reasons why to pay for hosting

Personalized domain


Choosing a domain of your own is the first step to be made when trying to secure your business and its success. It is the process of giving your web site a unique ownership and highly professional image that will help you rank high in the search engines. Try to establish yourself as a reader to realize how they will see you. Are you a professional paying for a hosting and an excellent domain or amateur using free service? In order to be acknowledged as a reliable business person trying their best to promote and develop their business and a business person caring about their customers satisfaction bear in mind to get a paid hosting serviced.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly

With paid web hosting you chose the domain name preferred and get numerous useful tools to make your web site SEO friendly. What does SEO friendly means – your website will get better chances of reaching at the top of the search results of major search engines for the keyword phrases chosen. Having a better SEO ability means more traffic and higher monetization on your site.

Secure server access

If you are building an online store you must have a secure server that would enable secure online credit card processing. The majority of www users are skeptical with the use of online stores being concerned about their security and privacy, therefore your website must have secure serving.

Unlimited bandwidth and guarantee of uptime

The paid hosting servers give you a variety of bandwidth and storage packages. Even if you chose the cheapest package at the start of your business you can always upgrade it when in need of more space. That means once you have reached the limit of the initial package you do not have to wait for days to re – arrange your website as to change the old data with new ones. You can only get more storage which is done in a second and your business will not suffer due to “maintenance”.


Purchasing a paid hosting obliges the server owners to give you good uptime record as well as a high uptime guarantee. No one has the patience to wait long time for a web site to be fully loaded that’s why you must have a paid hosting as to avoid these issues.

Technical support

Paid hosting platforms provide immediate support in case of technical glitches. That is a must if building a complex site.

Make the right decision if you want to have a successful business.

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