How To Create Email Accounts in cPanel

One of the great benefits of controlling your own web hosting is that you can create email accounts that correspond with your domain name. This is a huge advantage if you want to appear more professional, in comparison to giving out an email address that ends in “” or “”, making it obvious that you are only using a generic, free email client. It also means you have full control over the configuration of your inbox and how your email system works. You can also create email logins and assign them to other people, while retaining administrative control.

email box configuration

Depending on your hosting provider and your choice of package, it’s common to be given cPanel by default as your hosting control panel, along with the capacity to create a certain number of email accounts. This may be unlimited if you are on a decent paid package. cPanel is a great platform for controlling your hosting settings, and creating email accounts is just one of the things made easier with cPanel’s controls. You can follow these steps to create new accounts:

1) Log into your cPanel through the usual means. This may vary depending on whether you have shared hosting or a dedicated server. If the place you log in has changed or you can’t access it, contact your web hosting provider and they will be able to provide you with a link for logging into your control panel.

2) Go to the Email section and click on Accounts.

3) Check your Mailbox Quota to confirm that you have not reached your limit. Remember that email accounts will consume part of your total allocated disk space.

4) Click on the Create Account button.

5) Complete the required fields as instructed, and once you have entered all the necessary data, click Create Account at the end of the form.

After completing these steps, check your new accounts works by choosing one of the available email clients on cPanel, or setting up your own elsewhere. cPanel can usually guide you through the setup of an external client. You can do that by following these steps:

6) Go to your Webmail, which will be located at a link which looks like this (where “example” is replaced with your actual domain):

7) Log in to the new account that you want to set up.

8) Click on Configure Mail Client.

9) Find the client you wish to use, and access the Protocols.

10) Follow the instructions given or open any files you are given access to. Here you will find the settings you need to set up that particular client and connect it to your email address.

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