The Pros and Cons of using a Free Hosting


Many of the web hosting company nowadays offers a free hosting service as a start-up for users. Most of them provide a free hosting to help you make money. Once your website is making money, then you are more likely to upgrade a plan with them in the future. Knowing the pros and cons of a free hosting will help you decide whether it is something you need.


This type of hosting is popular since it is free to use. Most users are cautious to whether or not they will make money from their website. So most people wouldn’t want to pay for anything just yet. By using the free host, it is a great start to test how far their business can go.

A free hosting company will provide you with experience on how to start a website for your business. Many of them already provide a guide or tutorial to help you set up and start earning money online.


One of the downsides is you have no full control of your website. For instance, the layout of your site is limited. You can only customise the design on a very basic level. The fact that you do not entirely own the design means your website isn’t transferable, meaning it is harder for you to switch to a different company.

Free hosted sites are unreliable at times especially when the website is down. The downtime means the site won’t be making any money when it is not running.

Bottom line

The pros and cons should help you make a decision whether a free hosting is something that might be useful to you. Overall, a free hosting is a good way to start learning the environment around internet marketing. However, if you’re business is on the way to expanding, you might be better off with a more reliable hosting company.

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