When is the Right Time to Migrate From Free to Paid Hosting?

You have finally successfully settled your web site on a free hosting server and do not know when the best time to migrate to a paid one is?

Here are some tips how to know when the right time has come.

You have build up a blog or an online store hosted by a free hosting server. These sites have been visible on the www for a long time which has helped you gain a lot of customers who have improved your web site traffic. Even though you have the web site on a free hosting server which might make clients question the reliability and validity of the site you have successfully proven them wrong. Now it is time to take the next step. As news and positive feedback travel fast by word of mouth or especially online you must be prepared for an even higher site traffic. That is the first sign you have to migrate to a paid hosting. You would not like to damage the reputation you have worked so hard to build.


Why migrate to paid hosting?

1. You would need an uptime guarantee. It would be more impressive to see your website responding faster instead of waiting for some time to have the site loaded. People are used to having all the online searches completed quickly so offering them this option is a winning combination. If having an online store it is crucial to allow the customer to make the purchase as quick as possible without any errors or suspicious downtimes.

2. If the website is meant to generate an outcome (ex. Online store) the web site has to have a secure server access. That means the server has to enable secure online credit card processing. You would not like to have clients making a purchase/payment that would be completed yet the customer would not be assured it was successful. You can be named a fraud and be forced to close your business.

3. You can finally increase your product database and amount. That means you would need more storage. Migrating to paid hosting gives you the choice to choose a perfect package with needed storage that would not lead to data overload of the web site.2998640

4. Getting a paid hosting will help you improve the SEO ability. You will receive an access to plug-ins for SEO purposes that will improve your ranking on the search engines.

5. Transferring your web site to a paid hosting will help you control all the ads displayed on your web site. I believe it is not fun having a fashion blog with mechanic jobs advertisements displayed in the left sidebar.

Migrate to paid hosting as to have all the happenings with your website under control.

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