Why Pay For The Hosting Server When You Can Get If For Free?

No matter if you are veteran or a newbie website owner in order to have a successful business presented on the www, the best choice is purchasing a paid hosting service. Even if your starting capital is not that high, always be ready to pay more at the beginning to make sure it doubles or triples in the long run. That is the only way to survive in the business world for a long time.

The most important reasons why to pay for hosting

Personalized domain


Choosing a domain of your own is the first step to be made when trying to secure your business and its success. It is the process of giving your web site a unique ownership and highly professional image that will help you rank high in the search engines. Try to establish yourself as a reader to realize how they will see you. Are you a professional paying for a hosting and an excellent domain or amateur using free service? In order to be acknowledged as a reliable business person trying their best to promote and develop their business and a business person caring about their customers satisfaction bear in mind to get a paid hosting serviced.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly

With paid web hosting you chose the domain name preferred and get numerous useful tools to make your web site SEO friendly. What does SEO friendly means – your website will get better chances of reaching at the top of the search results of major search engines for the keyword phrases chosen. Having a better SEO ability means more traffic and higher monetization on your site.

Secure server access

If you are building an online store you must have a secure server that would enable secure online credit card processing. The majority of www users are skeptical with the use of online stores being concerned about their security and privacy, therefore your website must have secure serving.

Unlimited bandwidth and guarantee of uptime

The paid hosting servers give you a variety of bandwidth and storage packages. Even if you chose the cheapest package at the start of your business you can always upgrade it when in need of more space. That means once you have reached the limit of the initial package you do not have to wait for days to re – arrange your website as to change the old data with new ones. You can only get more storage which is done in a second and your business will not suffer due to “maintenance”.


Purchasing a paid hosting obliges the server owners to give you good uptime record as well as a high uptime guarantee. No one has the patience to wait long time for a web site to be fully loaded that’s why you must have a paid hosting as to avoid these issues.

Technical support

Paid hosting platforms provide immediate support in case of technical glitches. That is a must if building a complex site.

Make the right decision if you want to have a successful business.

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