The World’s largest data centres

We all know that data centres are a valuable asset for many businesses. Especially for those who provides cloud or online services. They are most used by large businesses for storing valuable information and running the operational initiatives of the organisation. The demand for online services keeps increasing, and so are the data centres. You would be surprised at how massive the data centres are now today. Let’s take a look at them below.

The Tokyo Data Center

The Tokyo Data Center is the main base of Japan’s internet so that you could imagine the size of this building. The entrance is astonishing and spacious.

Google Data Center

Google is probably one of the largest company in the whole world. They are currently on top when it comes to web search and other areas of the online world. Their data centre was awarded as the most portable data centre in 2008. Their centre features a ‘container hanger’ that contains 45 containers and can hold up to 1000+ servers each.

Microsoft Washington Date Center ‘The Quincy’

Microsoft’s data centre was named ‘The Quincy’, and it is located in the agricultural region of Washington. When you visit the area, it may look like a big farmland, but as you go further in the middle, you will find the that many data centres are located within. Next to the Quincy, you will see some other data centres from large enterprises including Yahoo and Intuit.

Facebook Data Center

Facebook is currently the top leader in social media. As their company is registered with billions of users, they heavily rely on their data centres for this reason. Like other data centres, their buildings are very techy looking. They currently have a number of data centres all around the world including in Sweden, Iowa, North Carolina and they are still looking to build more globally.

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